Resources for Your Journey

sistersunderthetrees icon 001I created Sisters Under the Trees with the prayer that it will help others, and myself, in our spiritual journeys.  I fully believe that God brings people into our lives for a reason.  Sometimes that person isn’t for us, but for us to connect with someone else.

Here are a list of amazing women, men and organizations within the Twin Cities community who could be one of God’s blessings along your journey.  I’ve included a few who live outside this area, but have either been here in the Cities and I have personally benefited from their wisdom!  I’ve also included a few local resources for other aspects of our lives who I have had a great experience with…and I find particularly gifted in their callings.

Links are provided for each resource (click on the underlined name or phrase).

Please note that this list is always under construction.

(Disclaimer: Please note that these are only references for you to use at your own risk and I do not claim any responsibility for your interactions with them.  Before purchasing any services, always do your homework!  The saying is true, what you get out of something is based on what you put into it.)


Sheila Bauer – Sheila’s calling at Circle: Mind Body Medicine is to help women (and men) live into the person they have been created to be.  Through meditation (a form of prayer) and other exercises, she helps us gain the skills to turn our lives away from stress and into a life filled with joy.

Judy Budreau – Judy has an amazingly open heart for the transformative power of writing.  She has many gifts, yet I greatly appreciate her ability to observe and explore life through writing.  Judy has an amazing talent to help others write about their life – even those who have never written before!  Check out her website for inspiration, classes and how to bring her to your group.  (She has a wonderful talent for working with seniors!)

Jasna BurzaJasna has lived and continues to live an amazing life.  As a personal coach, she will inspire you to live the life God has created for you.  It is impossible for her to not help you imagine and create the live that you deserve!  Check-out her post: Taking on Civil War, Motherhood, and Hope. 

Cheree Cannon – Cheree is a wonderfully gracious, kind and forgiving woman who is nothing like the organizers on TV!  She comes into your home with an experience eye to get you out of your bad habits and make life better!  She sorts, organizes and never, ever challenges you to get rid of anything!  Cheree uses what you have to help you make a more efficient and enjoyable home, preferring not to send you out to a store with a list for boxes, shelves or other things.  (But, she won’t stop you if you want to!)  She lives in Edina and can be reached at 612-207-0616.  Please call evenings or weekends.

Judy Duenow – Prolific author Judy Baer is also a life, writing and leadership coach!  I’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting her and blessed by knowing some of her family.  She is constantly learning and is called to share that knowledge with others.  She is amazingly perceptive, and can help you accomplish what you are called to do (even if you don’t know what that is yet!)  Check her out at Get Out of Your Way Coaching.

Laura Ely  –  Laura’s calling at Laura Ely Style is to help women and men express who they are through the style.  If you are like me, what I wear greatly affects how I feel – especially when I am preaching, teaching or having a PJ day with the kids!  She spoke at MotherCare and had an immediate impact on all those that were there.  Laura will help you improve your life!

Stephanie Friant – As time has gone on, I have been increasingly asked to lead classes and retreats, and provide spiritual direction.  Following this call,  please check-out my website for schedule classes and retreats, and information regarding spiritual direction and hiring me as a speaker for your group.

 Nancy Lindgren –  An ordained pastor, she seeks to help those who have found that traditional therapies have not resolved their issues.  Using techniques based in science that allow room for the Spirit to work, Nancy has helped me and others in countless ways.  In just one session she made a significant and lasting impact on my life by allowing God to work through her.

Rachel Loeslie Owner of Rachel Loeslie Organizing, is an expert in decluttering, organizing & rearrangement. She has a gift for making sense of the chaotic, and wants to help you make your world a less crazy place.

Scott McRea – Scott was the director of my Chaplain Residency program and facilitated an amazing year in my life.  He provides spiritual direction, retreats and classes to deepen your spirit and empower your purpose.  Scott has a deep understanding of spirituality and the uniqueness of each of us.

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg – While not in the  Twin Cities, she is around on an occasional basis.  Caryn is the Poet Laureate of Kansas, a writing teacher, yoga instructor and workshop facilitator.  I met her as a student in a class at the Loft that she led on writing about the difficult parts of life.  Can’t praise her enough!


The Blessing House – Located in Victoria, MN, this is a space in which God is fully invited to work.  While truly a home, it is a place for individuals, groups, and the community to gather.  My life was quickly blessed, and my children’s too, by stopping by!  At Blessing House, all who are seeking will find a home.

The Commons – Located in Excelsior, MN, this uncommon workplace is perfect for those who “work from home” but don’t want to “work from home”.  Just a block from shops, restaurants, and Lake Minnetonka, the Commons provides the perfect atmosphere for creative work and programs.  Members and non-members benefit from a coffee shop and lounge area, small and large meeting rooms, a variety of work stations, copy services, and all the high-tech gadgets you need.  The Commons hosts a variety of public events for learning and networking.  I just love them!  (They also have a new location in Minnetonka.)

The Loft – A wonderful location for anyone who writes, wants to write or just loves to read. Located in Minneapolis, they have numerous resources, including classes on-line and a few scattered throughout the metro area.  A great place to network too!  (Those in the Kansas City area could check out the Writers Place.  I have not been there, but would like to check it out!) 


The Tech Guys – We are so dependent on our computers!  I find it more scary getting help with my computer than our cars, and so when a neighbor suggested going to the Tech Guys when my daughter killed my laptop screen…I figured I would try!  I was more than surprised with the wonderful caring service, amazing outcome, and great rates.  Ya gotta go to Tech Guys!

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