About Stephanie Friant

I’m a mom and wife in ministry, and when possible, a writer.  A midwest girl by birth and SistersUnderTheTrees.orgwith a few places in between, we’ve created a home in the southwest Twin Cities area.  Who knew that the land of snow, lakes and Lutherans was such a wonderful place to live?!

My passion and calling is to help others on their spiritual journeys, as I have been helped and guided on mine.  Living a spiritual life does not fit into any mold, but rather looks, feels and sounds like the unique life that God has intended for each of us.

Having found my way through a childhood in Michigan, an exchange year in Germany, a BA at Michigan State (International Relations/Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy) and a short career in D.C., I married and followed my husband (and his calling in the corporate world) as we moved around the country (Topeka, KS and Kenner, LA) and eventually settled where we are now in SW Minneapolis Metro.  Along the way, God had plans for me – and still has!  After a few years of discernment and feet-dragging (venturing through the non-profit, corporate, and educational worlds), I graduated for McCormick Theological Seminary with an M.Div., completed a Chaplain Residency at Park Nicollet-Methodist Hospital.  In addition to working at the Federal Aviation Administration and other places along my way to Minnesota, I have worked as a Youth Director, Minister of Adult Visitation, Director of Operations for a local non-profit, and been on a worship team for Auburn Homes & Services.  Life has now fallen into a a routine of parenting and being a Hockey mom, working for justice in the local community, and finding ways help others know that they are loved and that they matter.

I can not begin to express the amazing joy I have found in asking God to show me the way, and having God reveal it to me.  It hasn’t been easy.  I have tried to fit into the box that church tradition has made the “best/easiest” way to do ministry.  I have sought human approval in order to validate my life.  I have listened to many voices while not always putting God’s voice first.  So now, I’ve taken the leap to find my way into the ministry God calls me to – whatever that may be at different stages in my life.  God has a plan for all of us, we just have to do our part to listen for and embrace that call.

A few documents/posts that may help you get to know me better:

Living with Katrina – A series I wrote for the McCormick Theological Seminary student paper of my first-hand experience with Katrina.

PCUSA presentation – A PC(USA) 101 overview.  Not an official document of either the PC(USA) or Faith Church.