About this Blog

Since ancient times, trees have been traditional gathering places.  Under their branches and in their shade, men and women have found community.  They have discussed all aspects of their lives – children, marriages, food, war, and celebrations.

For many women, while we do not gather under the trees, we do gather on the playgrounds, in coffee shops, on family room couches, or over meals.  We seek out these places for companionship, guidance, support, and to just be.

If it is under a tree or around a table, God is present.  Sisters Under the Trees is my way of dangling my toes into the lake of ministry with other women (and men) who are seeking to be faithful children of God, while also celebrating (and dealing with) the various other roles we hold.

You may have it all worked out, but more than likely, you do not.  Life continuously changes, requiring us to adapt and learn, celebrate and grieve, seek support and provide guidance.  With God’s help and direction, we can move along our faith journeys, not alone, but together.

I will often bring in the voices of “Wise Women”  who have helped me and others.  I pray that their voices are a benefit to you as they are to me.  In the tradition of Deborah (Judges 4-5) sharing with others the support, direction and guidance of God from her place under the tree, there are many among us (including you!) who can be of help to each other under our trees.

Anything posted on this blog, unless specifically noted, has been written by me, Stephanie Friant, and in no way reflects any organization or individual I may be involved with.  As a writer, some of the posts are a processing of my interaction with life in general, and not specifically autobiographical or biographical in any way – more like a spiritual non-fiction, but fiction in normal terms.

Please use any of my prayers or devotions for personal or group use, but please give me the credit and do not reprint or repost without contacting me for permission first.