Opening Eyes and Moving Our Feet

I often wonder what it takes for someone with confidence in their beliefs to open their eyes to something new, to something different.

When we are so sure about what we know, what the right way forward is, that we are in the right.  That we know what other people should do.  Or shouldn’t do.

But are we ready to open our eyes?  Open our eyes to their thoughts, their fears, their motivations.

Are we ready to open our eyes to ours?  What are our own fears and motivations?

I see all those protesting in the streets for the homeless, for the refugees, for so many in desperate need…but then I see in my own wealthy corner of the United States the refugees struggling to make it, our own citizens relegated to the curb as if they are “unclean”.

Are those protesting, those writing letters to congress, those posting on FB links to news articles….are they follow-up with actually feeding the hungry and housing the homeless?  welcoming the refugees on the shores?  helping those here get citizenship?

I thank all those who have the time and willingness to go out and protest.  It is not a gift I have, but I wish too, that if those hundreds and thousands not only protested and wrote and commented, but those of them who also had the gift, would share their blessings.

Is talk enough?  Is protesting enough?  Especially when no one seems to be opening their eyes?

I wonder myself, what I am still not seeing.



About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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