Who has made you feel loved?

This is the latest question that made it onto our blackboard at Launch Ministry.

Every few weeks I put up a different question that arises from our conversations and Tuesday night groups.  They are questions I hope will help engender personal reflection, but also questions whose shared answers will be a means of silent conversation between those who come to our space.

So far there has been a good amount of response, usually filling up the 4×6 foot space with meaningful contributions.  But not this one.

Who has made you feel loved?  has mostly gone unanswered.

So many of the questions have asked about overcoming their struggles, but this one…this one which I hoped to help them lift-up a positive figure in their life, is left blank.

Do they not answer because they have not felt loved?  Perhaps they don’t know what feeling truly loved feels like?  Or maybe they don’t know how to talk about love?  Why have they not answered?

I’ve heard so many times that it takes just one strong positive figure in a child’s life for the child to avoid drugs and alcohol, for the child to live a healthy and productive life.  And there at Launch, the people are often those who found themselves using and abusing, or lost along the fringes of our economy and society.

I wonder what their lives would look like if they were able to fill the blackboard with names.  I wonder what our town would look like if they were able to easily identify family members and teachers, friends and strangers who made them feel loved.

But instead, the blackboard has only a few names on them – and most of them from me.


Gracious God – Help us bring your Kingdom into our daily reality by loving others as you love us…and also open our eyes to know that you love us, and others do too.  Amen.







About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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One Response to Who has made you feel loved?

  1. What a beautiful post and thought provoking as well.

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