Yes, this is my child’s lunch – so don’t judge me

Sensory Processing Disorder

Actually, if you take out the ham (it was a rare week), this is our daughter’s school lunch everyday.

I cannot deviate from the sharp cheddar cheese, the margarita salami, Townhouse “oval” crackers, or Mott’s applesauce in the individual container.

As long as I follow this routine, we don’t have any problems.  Mess it up, and I am either shopping at the grocery store and delivering lunch to school or she doesn’t get enough to eat.

This isn’t from laziness on my part.  It’s not that we haven’t tried to expand her diet.  It’s not that we don’t offer healthy options.  This is just what she eats.

Her diet consists mainly of (in order of memory): margarita salami, cheese, crackers, applesauce (in the individual container to be slurped – no spoon), ice cream, iced cinnamon rolls, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, original Ego waffles, toast with butter and jelly, french fries, chips, mac & cheese, bananas,  mashed potatoes, pancakes, sausage, maple syrup (the fake kind), popcorn, ice cubes, milk, water, and homemade frozen smoothie popsicles (veggies & fruit).  Yes, on occasion she amazes us by venturing beyond this list,  but rarely.

While we have never had her officially diagnosed, this limited list is not due to choice, but rather her senses.

Sensory Processing Disorder is when our senses take-in information from the world around us and process the information in ways that is not “typical”.  Our son has it, but differently than our daughter.  For our son, it is more about how he senses his physical place in the world.  For our daughter, it is smell and taste.

Over Thanksgiving as we sat down to an amazing feast co-created by my husband and sister, our daughter kept to her normal diet.  But we were lucky.  Other parents shared on a Facebook SPD group that their children had even less – if anything at all.

It’s just the way we live.  Yes, there is therapy for the kids, and yes, I’ve heard from others that they eventually expand their diets…but for the time being, this is the way it is.

I’m thrilled that you take your kids out to the local sushi place, and get them to eat unusual veggies from your CSA.

But I’m just happy my kid eats.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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  1. 21andsensory says:

    I’m 21 with spd and I’m also a picky eater – I like to have a routine and know what I’m having to eat so I can totally sympathise with your situation 🙂 sounds like you really know what works and doesn’t overwhelm your child which is great – keep being awesome!

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