Writing Spiritually – Prompt #3, The Big Move

Before you start to write, ask God to send the Spirit to be with you and help you to not judge anything you write and think.  Ask to have your heart and mind open to whatever comes, trusting that you are not alone and you are loved!

The Big Move


It’s the last day of November as I finally get back to writing.  We moved a few weeks ago, and are still living in chaos.  A Christmas tree may be the extent of our decorating, and perhaps by the New Year we will have everything at least close to it’s intended place.

We did not move far, but the few miles have changed quite a bit.

– The space itself has shifted how we go about our day in minor, but significant ways.  Our habits are the same (the first things I do in the morning are feed the cats and start the coffee), but the increased distance between the rooms are already forcing our kids to be more independent.

– Our starting place has shifted, changing our driving patterns to even the same schools and businesses.  Landmarks we barely knew existed, are becoming very familiar.

– I’ve gone from knowing our neighbors and feeling like I can call on them in emergencies (which I have had to do), to barely knowing our new neighbors’ names.  While they all seem nice and non-threatening…the level of confidence and security is quite different.  And frankly, between the Minnesota winter, “Minnesota Nice”, and my lack of confidence of just going up to doors and introducing myself, I don’t know when this will change.

– I am finding myself even more grateful for all that God has provided – through our own efforts, the efforts of others, and circumstances we personally have no control over.  At the same time, I am also more aware of my role as a parent (along with my husband) to teach our children about finances and financial blessings.

– With all this, the boxes and general chaos of moving (we still can’t get the vehicles into the garage), short- and long-term items needing to be done around the house, the kids going a bit nuts, and the long list of address updating we’ve barely started…I’m majorly off-kilter.

My head is swarming…I want to write about so many things, the Big Move among them.  I need to work out what is happening, as well as record for our children (one of the reason I journal).  I’m doing it in small snippets, but really need to take the time to sort through it all.

With this in mind, here is the writing prompt.

What “Big Move” has happened in your life that left you all-kilter?  It may have been a physical move, change in employment or relationships, or a huge project of some-sort.  Write about the event or circumstance touching on these three things: physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.  I suggest exploring them both at a distance, and close-up.  To finish your thoughts, write a few sentences on how your perspective on this event has changed (or not changed) from writing about it.



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