Writing Spiritually – Journal Prompt #2, Finding the Spark

Before you start to write, ask God to send the Spirit to be with you and help you to not judge anything you write and think.  Ask to have your heart and mind open to whatever comes, trusting that you are not alone and you are loved!

Finding the Spark

Writing about those closest to us, family and friends, can be difficult.  When they are so close to us, we begin to take for granted how they talk, move, and what they like.

In the honor of Dr. Don Draayer’s amazing working book The Powerful Potential of Parent(s)  and Kate Hopper’s insightful Use Your Wordstake some time to delve into who our friends and family really are.  You may be surprised to learn something you didn’t recognize in the midst of life’s daily distractions.

Dr. Don Draayer speaks of how each of us are given a “spark” from God.  Something that makes us unique and truly special for this world.  I hope that you will uncover the person’s spark, or sparks, through this exercise.  Or at the very least, that you will value who they are more.

Pick a family member or friend, and take 5 minutes to describe them in factual ways.  Use “he…” and “she…” type phrases, and stay away from any judgement.  Just keep writing, even if you think you don’t know anything else.  Think of their hands, feet, clothes, preferences.  Perhaps the way they talk, move their body.


He prefers to wear pants with elastic waist bands, shirts and or sweatshirts with hoods, and crocks he can quickly slip on his feet.

This man is tall, and tends to sit down when he talks to you.

She moves in a way that expresses her feelings more than her words do.

When you are done, write about what you notice from your observations.  Is there something you didn’t notice before?  Do you now understand your relationship better with them, or has your understanding of who they are changed?  Is there something positive about who they are that you can share with them?

Happy Writing!


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