The Powerful Potential of Parenting with Dr. Don Draayer

I’m not a fan of people telling me how to parent.  I appreciate honest suggestions when I ask for them, or from friends at my mothers’ group, the OT or others we hire to tell us how to parent,…but not from people I don’t know, or don’t really know my kids.  So picking up a parenting book that knows the perfect way to parent my kids – who the author has never met – well, hasn’t worked for me.

So when I heard that Don was creating a parenting workbook, I was excited.  Dr. Don Draayer is amazing…caring, loving and really knows kids and parents.  He knows that we are all trying…and rather telling us what to do, he helps people think.

And when any of knows of a good thing…we need to pass it on as somewhere, someone may be needing it!  Join us on Saturday or Tuesday for a workshop led by Don!  All welcome!

 The Power Potential of Parent(s)

A workshop with Dr. Don Draayer

Two sessions available!
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Sat., Oct. 25th   9:30-11:30am
Tues., Oct. 28th 6:30-8:30pm

Workbooks available for $8.
$25 per person/$35 per couple

The Blessing House
8705 Church Lake Blvd., Victoria, MN 55386

“Once a parent, always a parent!”  This truism for Dr. Don Draayer also applies to “teacher”.  He taught children and youth at every age level and has interacted with parents in the role of teacher, principal, superintendent, and consultant for many decades.  He served as Minnetonka Public School superintendent for 24 years (1971 through 1995).  In 1990, he was selected as National Superintendent of the Year and spoke throughout the USA for one year, advocating for excellence in teaching and learning.

His life focus is this:  “What’s best for kids?”  His most recent book (2014) is entitled: POWERFUL POTENTIAL OF PARENT(S): A Child’s First, Best, and Only Lifelong Teacher.  For five years he gave keynote speeches and conducted workshops for the Search Institute of Minneapolis about developing positive assets in lives of children and youth, which took him throughout 27 states in the USA and into Canada.  His interests, however, are also broad and include writing on many subjects: a children’s story book; retirement straight talk; investments; prayers for every occasion; his autobiography; and numerous articles.

Dr. Draayer and his wife, Mary Anne, continue to live in Minnetonka where they enjoy five grandchildren and volunteer extensively in church and community life.  Both continue to mentor children of varying ages.  He believes that the best retirement is putting lifelong values to work in new venues and that children and youth are best prepared for their future when everyone, especially parents, put positive influences into their lives.

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