Guest Post: Jenny Hill, author of Walking with Tension

Memoirs are awesome!  Why?  We get to peek into someone else’s world to see how they have handled one challenge or another.  We can become more open and understanding of the experiences of others, and hopefully, learn something that will help us on our own journeys.

I’m excited to share with you a guest post by author Jenny Hill.  She is speaking this Saturday at the Blessing House, and you are all invited!  (More info on time/location at end of post.)

Thanks Jenny for sharing your story!




When I set out to write Walking with Tension, I had three goals:

  • Write a compelling story.  As a librarian and avid reader, I love a good book.  I wanted to create a page turner that gripped people by the soul and kept them glued to the pages of the book.  It makes me smile when I hear comments like, I stayed up last night and read the whole thing…I couldn’t put it down.  And I couldn’t breathe through the first half and cried so hard my contact came out the second half….wow.
  • Give insight into the experience of living with a disability. My disability is physical and it is very public.  I had a kid just today ask me why I was limping.  I tried to explain cerebral palsy in the best kid-friendly language I could then I showed him my brace.  These moments can be illuminating, but the truth is that my hardest struggles have been internal.  The biggest impact a disability has is on the soul.  I’m encouraged not only when someone with a disability says to me, finally, I book I could relate to, but also when someone with an able body tells me:  Your book made me think about how I treat people with disabilities.  It made me wonder if I’ve ever said anything inappropriate or insensitive.
  • Ask deep questions of faith without trying to provide an answer. Grappling with why God is the Healer but has chosen not to heal so many who ask Him is a big question.  In all honesty, I don’t know why God has chosen not to heal me, but I do know He holds a wider perspective than I do.  When readers come to me and say, I’ve never really thought about healing before, I nod in appreciation; glad Walking with Tension has helped them wonder about Jesus who cleansed the leapers and healed the lame.

What I wasn’t expecting was that Walking with Tension would be a healing experience for me as a writer.  There were many days where I cried so hard I could no longer see the computer screen or the keyboard, days when I wanted to claw the wood on the table where I sat.  In the end, I pulled an empty chair near my table and envisioned Jesus sitting there, with me on this journey.

I would like you to come along with me on our own journey, Saturday, October 18th at The Blessing House in Victoria, MN.  During our time together, I will share with you about my writing journey, my story of how I learned to walk with tension, and how writing this book has helped me reach out to others who have been impacted by disability.  Class goes from 10AM-12PM and costs $25.  Click here for more information.


portraitJenny Hill (@Bibliophile84) has been recognized on WCCO TV for her work as an elementary school library media specialist. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education from Bethel University, St. Paul, MN. Jenny loves drinking strong coffee, reading good books, and savoring deep thoughts. You can find her blog online at Jenny lives in central Minnesota and is a member of Church of the Open Door. Walking with Tension is her first book.  You can find her work on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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