Why Sushi Matters to our Marriage

My first ever experience with sushi was at a party hosted by one of the staff during my internship.  The seaweed seemed to get caught in my throat, and the feeling did not disappear for a week.  While I have tried many things, I would not try sushi again.

 Well, not until over 15 years later and into our 10th year of marriage.  My husband, knowing my disdain, would get it on work trips, on the very occasional evening when the kids and I weren’t around, would get it for dinner.

Mostly out of pity and partly of not caring where we went to eat, I agreed to go to a local sushi bar on one of our rare nights out without kids.

It was wonderful to see how much he enjoyed it.  Now, this man is our primary cook at home as he has definite tastes, including meat, and my meal preferences don’t always mesh with his.  So to see him enjoy his food and not have to cook, was great.

I tried a few things that he geared me towards, knowing what I would probably like.  It worked, slowly.

After a few more years, I actually had a yearning for sushi!  Having no real food in the house and being alone for lunch (a rarity), I headed out to our local gourmet grocery store and grabbed a few selections I could identify.  After eagerly eating my meal, I was excited to share with him this big step.

It wasn’t a fast change, but through patience and understanding, my husband helped me actually enjoy another aspect of this amazing life.  One of many things I have come to enjoy from knowing him and sharing my life with him.

When two people are in it for the long-haul with an open heart and mind, we can help each other for the better.

What has your spouse brought into your life that you first refused, but now enjoy?  Have you thanked him or her?

Gracious God, thanking you for bringing others into our lives so that we may find happiness in unexpected places.  Help us to have patience, humor and courage as we move forward, knowing that we are always changing and changing others.  Amen.


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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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