Finding Faith Despite a Maze of Words

Hero poster.jpgThe conversation between the Nameless Warrior and the powerful King in Hero becomes a dance.  At one point Nameless shares with the King that he had asked an assassin hiding in a calligraphy school to write him the 20th variation of the word “sword”.

The King replies that when he is ruler of all the united lands, after conquering and killing all those who disagree with him, he will simplify the language so that everyone knows what is meant as more than one “right way” leads to disharmony.

Yet Nameless purposefully chose the 20th variation as it would provide him with an understanding of who the assassin was as an individual.

One “correct” word, or 20 variations.

I have had a number of conversations like this over the past few years.

Your sermon was evangelical, but the benediction was liberal.

Be sure to use “Holy Spirit”, as using “energy” can be very deceiving to those new to the faith and will lead them to stray into that new age stuff.

I have waded into the evangelical language, translating as I went along.  And as I get one question answered, another one comes to mind.  No matter how hard I try, no matter how comfortably I can use the language, I can not claim it as my own.  But that does not mean I do not share God’s Love with others.

As the King saw clearly, a precise language that all can understand dismantles confusion.  Yet language has never worked like that.  Words can not, and never will, fully encompass the “I Am”, for “I Am” came before words.  As a child can never be its parent, words can never be the “I Am”.

We can be the King, and create a cage for the “I Am”, shaving away all that we don’t understand or that causes us discomfort.  We can take away the glory and mystery, bringing God down to our size, our limitations.

We can be Nameless, and see in the words an opportunity to discover the “I Am”.  We can use the words as a new avenue, path, or journey that frees us to humble ourselves in the glory and mystery, to expand ourselves into what God calls us to be.

Perhaps it is in my nature, as a person who uses questions to approach the heavenly throne, to trust others in the use of their language.  To trust that God will find a way through our limited vocabulary to call us towards and back-to the Creator.  To trust that each of our journeys, no matter what words or images we use, no matter what valleys, mountains, and forks in the roads we take, will lead us to God….for God is everywhere.  God is in all of creation.  In each image, each word, each breath, each heart beat.  Each step.  It is we who do not see, or understand, that God is in everything, the great “I Am”.



Please read O For A Hundred Saner Tongues, by John, author of the blog, the beautiful due.  It is a beautiful piece on this topic.

Note: I paraphrased a number of the quotes as I did not want to share with you the entire conversation(s) or my memory does not include the exact words.

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