Small House with Kids: Lego Organization and Survival

I am all for Legos.  Loved them as a kid, and now my son lives and breathes them.  He is an expert builder of any kit, and then loves to remake them into various scenes from Star Wars or his imagination.  Normally, they are all over the floor of our family room and adding to the general chaos of living in a small house with two highly imaginative and active kids.  We don’t have a dedicated play room, so we make due.

If you are like us, you don’t know what to do with them.  You get he kits in the nicely numbered bags with the great directions, put one together…and then soon they start falling apart and you have thousands of little pieces everywhere.

To create some order from chaos, we have an ever morphing system.  Here are some Lego organization ideas that are working for us, and my process for putting Legos away.

Please note that I try to make this:

  • as kid-friendly as possible (currently for a Kindergartner),
  • easy to adapt/change,
  • fitting into the least amount of space,
  • and of minimal expense.

 Please share your ideas!

Picture 1: We keep the directions in plastic zip-lock bags, big sets having their own, with smaller sets put with similar small sets.  Easy to sort through and pick out the one bag you need when loosely organized in a plastic organizing basket.  The large plastic box holds broken models which need minimal repair. Any close to completely smashed models and random pieces collected from the floor go in the smaller plastic box underneath.  It is easy for kids to put things in these boxes, and often can get him to put the models back together himself.  Our son uses a variety of boxes to create various levels for the Lego creations.

Lego Organization directions

Picture 2:  Our entertainment consul and a shelf holds our collection of organizing boxes, assembled models, and reference books.  The wood board provides a stable foundation for construction.

Lego Organization

 Picture 3:  Shoe sized boxes hold pieces by color, one for tires/wheels, one for Chima, a smaller box holds mini figure accessories, and mini-boxes from Ikea hold specific types that are used regularly (the tiny ones, hinges, etc.).  Mini figures are kept in an old thread spool box..opens on both sides with small areas divided off.  Love it!  Even has a handle at one end to carry it around.  These are all accessible when building something new, and easy to sort pieces back into.  We currently combine yellow with orange, and have two boxes of gray.

Lego Organization Pieces

Picture 4:  We picked up some divided tool boxes that “lock” and have handles.  These are great for dividing up the various smaller pieces that you just have to have to be able to build one model or another.  We have three of these tool boxes, and try to keep vehicle parts in one, etc.   Right now any pieces with stickers go in one of these, keeping them “safe” until needed for a particular project.

Lego Organization Parts  Picture 5:  And of course, we have overflow.  Some of the surviving sets, or larger ones, stay safe in the kids’ room.

Lego Organization Model

Putting it all away:  Since no storage solution is really a solution unless it works, here is our normal “massive clean-up” of Legos:

  • Have the kids put all the various tiny bricks and pieces and ones they aren’t using anymore in the one clear box, and put any semi-assembled models (if most of the parts are with it) in the bigger box.
  • I get out all the sorted boxes and put them at arms-length, and then have the kids put the colored bricks and easy to sort ones away.
  • I then finish up sorting the rest, and it actually become a calming experience!

Lego storage solutions?  Check out craft stores for their sewing/paper/etc. storage boxes and home improvement stores for tool kits.  I find those with handles, can be adjusted and “lock” work best.  I also prefer to work with what I have before getting something new, yet the small “treasure boxes” at Ikea (3 for $3) are a perfect buy and want to get more for other uses!

More ideas?  Check out a few of these links:

What are your ideas?  What works for you?

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    I love the princess – star wars lego models combo in the kids room!

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