Spiritual Practice: Writing for Healing, Quilting for Peace

The joy of walking into a color-filled room.  Fabrics to touch.  Patterns and shapes and art…all ready to be cut and sewn and transformed into something new, something not yet dreamed.

And then you turn a corner to find another room, and another, and then stairs…and then you see this:


If you aren’t a quilter, or sewer, or crafter, you may not get it.  But my husband gets the same joy in his gut when he walks into Farm and Fleet.

The potential!  The stolen minutes to line-up the fabric and slice it into neat shapes with a rotary cutter.  Laying out the pieces on the spare bed to get everything flowing just right.  The final chain stitches to finish the quilt top, sandwiching the pieces, and then gratefully fighting to quilt it on my table-top machine.  Then finally, a new quilt…something to gaze at with wonderment that I actually did something, completed something, created something.  That out of some yards of fabric, I made something beautiful, and definitely homemade.

Revamped QuiltSo when my mother-in-law, kids and I got the day to shop around Brainerd, MN when Dad and Grandpa were out for another day of snowmobiling, us quilters were in heaven while the kids were kept happily entertained.  It had been way too long for me.  I have been on a fabric diet for months, knowing full well that actually doing the quilting was a dream…yet now I have three quilts in the planning stages!

First a stop at Colorz in Baxter where I walked away with a good haul including a swatch to make something for my sister,  lunch to keep the kids happy, then over to  Country Quilts in Brainerd.  As a “young” quilter who loves the younger fabric designers, I can tell you that they need to change there name.  Most of the shop is filled with bright and modern fabrics, updated patterns, Japanese imports and a whole section for kids.

Now I’m itching to get started.  I found this amazing typewriter fabric at Colorz and immediately started imaging the perfect “writing quilt” to use as I write!  What a gift!  Thank you Julia Rothman for thinking this up!  Since I know what I like and stick to it, I was able to find plenty in my fabric stash to match.  Now only to find the stolen minutes…

All I know, is that without writing and without quilting (or creating of some sort), I would be lost.  In the days that flood by between kids, and ministry, and repetition….it is only the stories that keep me sane, and the moments that I can say, “look, I actually accomplished something!”

Find something to accomplish…as long as it feeds your soul.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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