Living our Priorities: Yes, we do have the choice!

We returned from our Christmas travels to IL and MI with one day as buffer before son’s school and husband’s work restarted (my work restarted too, but fortunately my hours are flexible throughout the week).  I headed right into trying to find places for the new toys and clothes, washing and putting away laundry, and trying to organize in general.  I’m pretty sure we could qualify for inclusion in the pictures of messy houses, but I think I am still a bit in denial.  So even with “doing” all day, with short breaks to help our son with assembling new Lego kits, there doesn’t seem to be much progress.

I thought Mine was Messy

So, I look around truly wondering where my priorities are.  I’ve remarked on this before, and with resolutions talked about on almost every other blog post this week, seems fitting that is what is on my mind.

Yet, even in the midst of attempting to keep up with the mess – the untidy, chaotic, and never-ending battle of snow shoveling in the midst of a blizzard – I’m still sitting down to write.  I’m also into a new book.  I have a quilt waiting to begin, soon.  I’m laying the groundwork for a new Bible Study to begin next month.  I have ongoing administration for various volunteer activities.  Oh, yes, and I’m parenting – playing princesses, getting kids off to school, and the daily “work” and blessings of my life.

Even in all this mess and chaos – I know that I don’t want it to change.  Yes, a clean house would be great, but then either my kids wouldn’t be young or I would be Cinderella’s step-mother.  There are just too many things that I and my family enjoy to give any of them up, so yes, our life may be busy and complicated and messy – but it is full of our priorities, full of the things we love.

We do have a choice!  Sure, I could give up parts of my life, but what would it leave me with?  It may take days, weeks, months to get something done, but it is my choice.  This is my one life – and I am living my priorities.

Our lives may look chaotic or completely mystifying to others, but they are making their own choices too.  We all have a choice, well, as long as mental/physical health or other issues aren’t causing serious issues.  We all have a choice (even if it is to get help!).

If you’re not living your priorities, then you are living someone else’s – and life is way to precious for that.  So let others make their choices, and you make yours – and embrace whatever life that is!

Gracious God – thank you for this messy life!  The chaos only highlights how blessed my life is.  Please keep the blessings coming!  Amen.



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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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  1. Janet Magennis says:

    Stephanie – hang in there. Parents of young children do have priorities in their precious ones. We have all been there.

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