Scheduling God

apps for adhd image 1Sometimes Facebook is like passing notes in class (remember those days before cell
phones?), fun and interesting, but not long lasting.  Other times it can change help us along our journeys.  A cousin of mine, on her own wonderful spiritual journey – as mom to three kids, nurse, and pastor’s wife – recently posted this:

“I’m a scheduler and a planner. Been reminded lately that if I don’t schedule purposefully the most important things in life, they might never get done. So, as I’m starting to get into my 2014 calendar, I’m going to really think about what my priorities are and make sure they make it onto the calendar. Purposeful one-on-one times with [my husband] and each of my kids. Days with ‘nothing-to-do’ so I can more easily receive God’s gift of rest. An entire afternoon or morning TAWG (Time Alone With God). What kinds of things do you say are important but rarely actually find time for?”

I love this.

The intention is amazing and wonderful.  It is exactly what we all need to do.  And as she highlights, we do need to schedule our time to reflect what is important to us.

Time moves quickly…if you have two little kids at home like I do, or if you are like the seniors I minister with looking back on their long lives.

Time is precious.

But you already know that.

And you already know that it is hard to schedule anything!  At least it is for me.

A recent snow storm derailed all my plans for a day, and restricted them on a few others.  The needs of our children trump my personal goals, and while my “work” is flexible, it still needs to be done.  In the end, I sketch out a plan for the day, but it never ends up as initially pictured.

Each day flows into the next, getting things done as I can – leaving other things not even attempted.

As with my cousin, I schedule in various meetings, classes, and other events – doing my best to work around them.  A number of these events are God-centered, reflective and life-giving opportunities.  They are perfect for my personality – an introverted seeker.  The rest of the time I find myself engaged in activities that are mostly draining…running around, chaos, draining my gas tank, and responding to the kids’ needs.

Somehow, in the midst of all of it I do find time to “schedule” in TAWG.

Sometimes I am ahead of schedule and able to use a few minutes to write in my journal.  Each morning I do my best to snuggle on the couch with my kids, even if for only a few seconds.  We go to church each week, finding the time being in community soothing to the soul.  And mostly, I am mindful of my children – as they constantly remind me just how present God is in my life…

…like when my 5 yr. old son said the other night as I put him to bed:  “I love you more than 100 hearts that fill the biggest house in the world.”

Tiny moments…that God schedules into my day.

Faith in God's timeLord, help us use our precious time in a way that reflects not only our priorities, but Your priorities.  May Your schedule be ours, in the midst of all of our “stuff”.  May Your eyes be ours, so we may also see the amazing world around us that You have created.  Amen.

Going with my cousin’s question, share with us in the comments:  “What kinds of things do you say are important but rarely actually find time for?”  and how are you going to schedule them into your life?


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