Quiet: The Power of Introverts (a book review)

QuietMany people who meet me in person, think I’m a natural extrovert – boy do I have them fooled!!!

See, I am a proud introvert.  I love spending hours reading and writing, hanging out with my kids at home or a few friends over coffee.  I could spend weeks at our quiet family cottage with only short stints into town.

Then there is the “other-side” of me that invites strangers at coffee shops to do talks at my mother’s group, or leads a worship service and preach (without notes or script) to a room of residents, staff and volunteers at senior resident facilities (and get eagerly invited back!).

Yet I can maintain an extroverted style if I am passionate about what I am doing, have done a lot of work to get there, and then have time to crash/relax afterwards.

My husband can tell you that I easily “zone out” after tough days with the kids, or lots of interaction with people.  (It’s not easy being an introverted, basically stay-at-home mom of two extroverted kids.)

So, when I read Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t, I saw myself in the pages.

This isn’t a book for a quick vacation read, or even something to fill the time waiting for a
kid’s karate class to be over.  It is a course on neurology, sociology, parenting, psychology, and business management, as well as the story of Susan’s personal quest.  In all, it is a very introverted book.

I love the personal touch she adds, keeping this book from turning into a textbook for some college course.  Instead, as she hoped it to be, it becomes a validation and celebration of those of us who are introverts.

Even if you are an introvert and know a lot about yourself, you have to read this.

If you are and extrovert married or parenting an introvert, you have to read this.

If you are a teacher/professor or mentor, you have to read this.

I can’t say that all extroverts will read every word, but read as much as you can – and then find someone to talk with about it.

Have you written a post about being an introvert?  Please post it in the comments!

Visit Susan Cain’s website for a lot of information:  The Power of Introverts

Another post of mine:   Quiet Christians and Proclaiming the Gospel

Creator God, thank you for creating us all in your image, embracing in each of us a tiny fraction of your magnificence. Amen.


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