Writing to Transform the Hard Stuff

JournalsNot sure why I began writing in a journal, but I did.

I started to awkwardly fill pages in elementary school with incomplete sentences.  Later as a high school foreign exchange student, I found myself writing pages and pages each week.  Only in the months after my first child was born was I so exhausted that I didn’t write.

My journals are filled with bits and pieces of everything, including writing about the hard stuff in life.  This need to write has expanded into poetry and short pieces, and yes – blogging.

Writing can be a remarkable transformative process, revealing even our unrealized emotions and memories stored in our physical fibers and making sense of them on the page.

There is a science behind it, something about accessing neurons, even those we have unconsciously sectioned off, in a neutral environment.  I suspect it works something like EMDR, but really, all I care about is that I know it works.

The things I don’t want to admit, the things I don’t understand, the things I wish hadn’t happened – all those things that shaped my life – have again reshaped my life by writing about them.

Writing is an important part of my life journey, my spiritual journey.   It gets me from where I where I was, to where God wants me to be.

Do you write?  Had is transformed your life?  Tell us about it in the comments…

Upcoming Class:  Writing the Hard Stuff (Sat., Oct. 26th, 9-12am, Victoria, MN)

About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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