Is creative sex, Christian?

According to Holy Sexuality: Beginning with Questions, it is.

Ok, I have my issues about sex.  Talking with friends, I know I am not alone.  Most of those friends are married with kids or have been married with kids (widowed/divorced, etc.), so we often turn to the issue of sex & marriage.

These conversations do not come easily,  usually it takes a particular time, place and some alcohol (oh, and just women – no men).

So when I heard Becky Patton say to a group of women that in Song of Songs the man references drinking of the woman’s vineyard, and that wine has the same pH value as vaginal fluids, well, it got my attention.

This wasn’t going to be your normal talk about the Bible & sex.

While I had to leave the talk early, I did pick-up her book.

Yet, it was three quotes from Holy Sexuality that got me hooked and led me to inviter her to speak at MotherCare (on Nov. 5 – watch for another blog post in Oct.!).:

“Teach me to stand strong in my dreams…I don’ t want to run anymore.” (pg. xi)

“Truly healing from my past meant not running from it.  What I once feared now became a part of my healing and transformation.” (pg. xi)

“It is our Creator who breathes life through words to create something new.”  (pg. xiii)

Becky is my kind of gal.  She had a problem, asked God to show her the way, did tons of research, and now is sharing the Good News.

Here are a few take-aways, but really, you just have to read her book, blog and get her to speak to your group:

  1. Men and women were created in the image of God and by God, and first and foremost in direct relationship with God (not each other).
  2. Woman were created not as a partner who stands beside or behind, but facing man – as one half of a whole.
  3. She presents the concept of holy sexuality to be about the whole individual, not just the act of sex.  This including how we as women and men interact with the other as differently made by God, not better/worse.
  4. While she does not address same-sex relationships in anyway (for or against, so I don’t know where she stands), she wonderfully addresses individuals who are not married or are currently unable to have sex with their spouse (good for anyone no matter their sexuality).
  5. Finally, she presents a way out of any of our issues and into a life that honors our sexuality, including promoting creative sex within marriage.

While this book is not for everyone, this is definitely a step in God’s direction.

Lord, help us not run from our sexuality, but embrace it.  Help us to find ways to do so, and bring individuals into our lives who can help us on our unique journeys.  Amen.

Check out Becky Patton’s blog!

For Becky’s video intro to the topic of Holy Sexuality, click here.

Interested in the book?  Buy it here.

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