First Day of School – and it’s like I gave birth all over again.

First Day (2)So here is the required snapshot of our kids at the bus stop.  Our oldest started kindergarten, the youngest starting preschool next week.

I haven’t cried.  I don’t think I will – especially as my meds generally keep me from doing so.

Yet, I feel as if I have given birth again.

Somehow we made it through the first stage of parenthood – the gestation period in the home is over, and he’s off to a new environment.

He first spent 9 months inside me, protected, and then was dragged out into the world.

Now, after 5 years in the general safety of our home and spending the majority of the time within an arm’s reach, he is now in a new world for the majority of his waking hours, 5 days a week.

And it is a completely different world…we’ve chosen Spanish immersion for a number of reasons, and we are very happy with our first impressions.  We’re not worried about him academically…choosing Spanish immersion was one way to help ensure that he won’t get bored.

First Day (3)

But we are worried about him emotionally…he is so intense…he even needed the wonderful school principal to walk him to his classroom as he was very overwhelmed.


We know he will do great, once he gets used to it.  He was so excited about the taco salad lunch!!!!

Yet, even knowing we have a plan and that everything will be okay…

I’m in completely shock.

My baby has grown up!

My baby is off to school!

I can’t believe it, really.  It hasn’t sunk in.

Perhaps a right of passage for the kids, but even more so for the parents.

We’ve survived to this point.  He is relatively unscathed from our parenting skills, so we will see how the next year will go.

One step at a time.

We’ll get through today and tomorrow.  The next week and this month.  Then to MEA break, Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas break…

We’ll get through this year…and worry about Elementary school and the rest later.

I’ll be vigilant about watching for my own coping skills acting up, and keep and eye out for his.  We’ll work with the school staff to keep everyone from going insane, and perhaps actually prospering.

It’s as if labor started at 8:30am this morning as we walked to the bus stop….and my Kindergartner will be born this afternoon at 4:20pm when he steps off the bus.

So for now, I’ll just breathe…as I am holding my breath.

Lord, help us through the birthing pains of  new adventures…for out of the pain and uncertainty comes growth and joy!  Amen.


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  1. lisa says:

    I love the picture of the two of them! They both look so proud and excited. Good luck to all four of you going on this new adventure together! I look forward to hearing more about it!

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