The 224th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion – A Book Review

I love Good Reads!  I sign-up for the giveaways, with a few favorite categories.  However, I have a love of genealogy and my father-in-law loves WWII history, so I tried for this one and got it!

It is absolutely wonderful that Paul Goebel wanted to document and honor his father’s experience through this book:  The 224th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion: A WWII Unit History.

A few years back I typed up my grandfather’s WWII letters to his fiance (my grandmother).  I added a few pictures and other information along the way, finally coming up with a “book” that I gave to family members.  So, I love that Paul did something very similar.

Rosters of Officers are included, maps, and a timeline.  The bulk of the book is a well written documentation of what this Battalion faced.  While not a nail-biter that will be made into a movie, this is a wonderful presentation of what their lives were “really like”.  It reminds me of the many first-hand stories that veterans have shared with me, many of which will never be recorded.

Thank you Paul for putting this in print!


A few more links for information on this and similar Battalions:

Louis M. Stark’s experience


A list of Battalions

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