Just Takes One to Get Things Started

This is my husband’s favorite spot at our family cottage.  He would spend all his time in the kayak going from place to place, catch and releasing.

Just a quick invitation from him to our daughter, and she got in the boat.  She was patient and helpful, and very excited to touch all the fish they caught.  The rest of the vacation she was always ready to go again!

I just took one person to extend the invitation…

That’s how things get started.  One person just needs to have an idea and start asking around.

Awhile ago I started asking around if anyone wanted to form a spiritual writing group, and a few quickly said yes.  Now that invitation is growing even more momentum, turning into a writing community at the Blessing House.

We just never know where an idea, planted and watered by the Spirit, will go!

What invitations have you extended that grew?  Please share!

Heavenly Creator, lead us to have the courage and faith to extend the invitations that you plant in our heart.  Amen.


Interested in knowing more about the Blessing House Writing Community?  Follow me at StephanieFriant.com for updates, contact me, or check out the Blessing House and ask to get their newsletter.

About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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