Small House with Kids – Purging, Organizing and Right Living!

Mornings on the Porch

This is literally my most favorite spot in the whole world!

The kids and I spent just over two wonderful weeks at the family cottage in Michigan.  My husband joined us for most of it, flying home to work for a week when the grandparents joined us.

The two-day drive there and back is well worth enjoying this wonderful inheritance from my Grandfather (my Dad & Uncle are now the official owners).  Just wish we could go all the time as I did growing up!

So after relaxing, playing and recharging without cell phones, internet, T.V. and iPads, I was in an emotionally and spiritually perfect mood.

Then we got home and walked in the door of our small house.

Toys were scattered everywhere in the family room and their room.  The kitchen and eating area showed signs of quick packing and departure.  Our bedroom was the normal mess – a dumping ground for both of us (his is actually organized).  The small entry-way filled up quickly with stuff from the car.  The basement – well – lets just say more of the same.

Top it off, in the past few days when my husband (let’s start calling him “the Farmer”), had flown back to join us and help drive home, one or both of our fluffy cats had thrown-up in multiple places and the white one left a coating of fur on the coach (he normally doesn’t sleep there).

(Oh, yeah – and the Farmer was leaving for New Orleans the next day for a week of work – and play with our friends who live there.)

That great emotional and spiritual place I was in?  My spirit immediately crashed.

I didn’t like it.

I hated it.

I wanted that feeling back!

That was it.  I was done.  Priority one?  Get the house purged, organized and beautified!

Why did our Home have to be a reflection of our chaotic lives when we all so much wanted to live at the cottage?  While we don’t have a lake right out the door, or woods full of trails for the go-kart, we at least don’t have to live like that.

I admit, it’s my fault.  I live in my head most of the time, hate cleaning, and with two little kids and a husband who travels frequently, it really is all on me.

But, I couldn’t do it alone!

A good friend suggested getting her organizer to help.  Prior to our vacation I had her scheduled to start – but two days after we returned from the trip with piles of stuff still in the entry way, I thought I should cancel.  But, I kept the appointment.

Cheree Cannon helped me get over that hump I just couldn’t do by myself.  The whole thing seemed too daunting, too impossible.  The day and money were well worth it.  I was skeptical, but as she said, when you dedicate the resources you’ll work hard to keep it in order.

I’m in the midst of organizing my sewing corner in the basement family room, expanding it to include all my ministry supplies.  Once it is workable, I plan to get all the ministry stuff I’ve dumped in our bedroom down there.  Also reorganized and dressed up the entryway a bit more.  I had it half-way done, but a few items I had purchased in Traverse City, MI and a storage bench from Menards (on sale) finished it off.  So I am on a roll!  I’ll be blogging about these areas, as well as the kids’ room which we are adding a loft bed for my son (the Lego Maniac).

We are almost at a week, and the kids’ room and family room is still clean and organized!  It took a few evenings of fights and tantrums from my son to get him to put his toys away before bedtime, but last night he finally did it without any issues!

While our house will never quite feel like the cottage, boy is it great to wake up in the morning and have things in the right place!

I admit it takes an increased dedication to putting things where they belong (not my strong suit), which takes away from pursuing all the ideas in my head.  But, I am finally starting to get how a clean Home truly helps those who live there be in a better emotional and spiritual place!

Ultimate Tamer of Chaos, help me tame the chaos in my small part of creation.  Help me see that a clean, organized home is not just a chore, but rather a gateway to living a beautiful and loving life.  Amen.

See my resources page on how to contact Cheree.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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9 Responses to Small House with Kids – Purging, Organizing and Right Living!

  1. Cheryl Mahin says:

    Congratulations! Encouragement for us all to realize the state of our home does matter!

  2. lisa says:

    First, I LOVE the picture. So perfect! That chair, in that corner is one of my favorite places too. Especially when there’s a breeze coming through the porch!

    So awesome that you had someone come in and help you organize! I could absolutely use someone like Cheree, especially since we still have boxes full from our move!

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  6. It wasn’t until I had kids that I FINALLY understood why my mom always wanted us to clean before we went on vacation. I know that exact feeling you described of walking into the house after a long drive and thinking, “Good Lord, where do we put the suitcases? Next to the pile of laundry or on top of the spilled Legos??” I wish I left time to clean before leaving more often :/

  7. My Light Bag says:

    I know the feeling of stress when entering into a messy home. Before going away, I always make sure the house is as clean as possible so that I can come back calm. A clean house leads to a clean conscience!

    • SFriant says:

      Praying that we can pull it off before our big trip…and since hubby will be home for some of it, perhaps he can finish what needs to be done. Blessings!

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