Live Authentically – Quotes

I am a limited edition.   ~ Unknown

May you life every day of your life.   ~ Jonathan Swift

I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.   ~ Anne Lamott

You are a blessing.   ~ Stephanie Friant

You only life once, but if you do it right, once is enough.  ~ Mae West

Gracious God, You created us with purpose, with foresight, and with love.  You created us as unique and individual beings.  Help us live authentically, as it can only be through You that we can truly know ourselves.  Amen.

And the conversation continues:

About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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3 Responses to Live Authentically – Quotes

  1. Janet Stephenson says:

    Lovely post on living authentically! Thank you for including my post as a resource. xo

  2. Rocco De Leo says:

    Stephanie, what an honor to be included with those other articles. Authenticity is KEY to success in whatever we do. Thanks again for taking the effort to further the cause. Enjoy your summer.

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