What I believe, and what I don’t.

God is surely doing a new thing in my life. I’ve been at crossroad before, where God was transforming my life to a new stage. And as before, I do not know where God is taking me, but I trust God completely to get me where I need to go – if I only listen.

It is if God has brought me to another forest, revealing to me only what I need to know, hiding what is around the next bend, and sending others to accompany me and show me the way.

So God is showing me the next step, and that is to not be afraid of what I believe.  To not be scared to shout it from the mountain tops, so here goes.  (Unfortunately I can’t cover every theological thought I have here, but will try to touch on the main ideas!)

Love of God

I believe in one God who is all-gracious, all-loving, all-understanding, and all-knowledgeable to an extent far beyond the comprehension of creation.  I believe in a God who knows us and all of creation better than we can ever understand.  I do not believe in a God with male human parts who is limited by human neurons, skin and bone.

I believe in one God who created everything and continues to create.  I believe God created our very souls, and even the rules of physics and biology.  I do not believe that God is limited to methods understood by human minds of any particular time or place.

I believe in one God whose revelation to the created is chronicled in the Bible, on our hearts, and in creation.  I believe in a God who knows the right ways to speak individual to our hearts and minds – as it was God who created us as unique individuals.  I do not believe in a God who is limited by what can be revealed within the medium of human expression or limited by any human understanding of how things should and must work.

I believe in one God who commands us to love each other the way God loves us as demonstrated by Christ.  A devoted love that is for who we are because of and despite our mistakes, our sins, and our weaknesses.  A love that is eternal, not limited to a particular point on our faith journeys.  I do not believe in a God who loves us, with exceptions or limitations.

I believe in one God who is present in this world, both seen and unseen, and one day God’s Will will be realized fully in our midst.  I believe in the differentiation and intermingling of God’s Time and Creation’s Time, which will only be fully combined until God’s Will is fully realized.  I do not believe in a God who lives in another dimension, with or without our rules of physics and time, that is only reached through death.  I also do not believe in a God who has fully revealed how and when God’s Word will fully transform our reality.

I believe in one God who has a Plan.  A plan in which we are all brought closer to the God-self, in that we acknowledge, love, worship and follow our Creator’s Will.  A plan that requires that we rid our lives of the barriers between us and God, with God’s help – barriers which by definition are sin, and mostly, if not always, include evil.  I believe that God has a plan for all of us, yet the details for each of us are different and God modifies them depending on our participation.

I believe in one God who is our protector, savior and guide as expressed to and by us through the Holy Trinity.  I believe in a God whose primary concern is our spiritual souls, which are intimately connected with the physical world.   I do not believe in a God whose concern for our physical and financial well-being comes at the expense of our spiritual journeys.

I believe in one God who yearns to be loved deeply and truly by each of us.  I believe in a God who knows us intimately – better than we can ever know ourselves.  I do not believe creation can ever equal or supersede God.  I do not believe in a God who needs or requires a human intermediary – either a person, group or institution – to judge us or deem us to be faithful or not, saved or not.

I believe in a God that loves me.  A God that has always been present, is present and will always be present with me.  A God that knows me better than I know myself.  A God that guides me, yet ultimately leave it up for me to follow.  A God who created me, and saw that I was good.  A God through whom and for whom I exist, and without, I would not exist nor have a reason to exist.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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  1. jasnaburza says:

    I love this post…..it is so honest, so beautiful and so you. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! Jasna

    • SFriant says:

      Thank you! Not easy to share, but wish more would share what they believe so we all could understand each other better.

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