Why ‘Lean In’ Works for All (Christian) Women and Men

I’m currently addicted to reading.  It’s part of who I am – the constant drive to learn.  My current subject?  How women, especially married with children who are Christian to any degree.

While currently a wife and mother, dividing time between ministry and parenting and living in a comfortable suburb of Minneapolis, my perspective on this reaches into the diversity of New Orleans, the never have left my Kansas town, and the craziness of Chicago and D.C.

We each have unique and amazing stories.  And with that, there are certain ideas, concepts and language that we are drawn towards.

Yet, there is one message that, I believe, transcends it all:  We are all created as unique individuals who are called to become fully who we truly are.

It is this message that I see in Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In.

She has honestly written from her experience and perspective.  She balances the experience of individuals with solid research.  She honors and demystifies the challenges women unconsciously and consciously face.

Sheryl does not ever say that leaving kids at home in the care of nannies or in daycare centers is the only option, or the right option for all.  She respects that other women do not have choices, and are either forced on welfare as they can’t afford to work (high cost of daycare – MN is at/near the top of the list) or forced to make a choice they don’t want.  She also respects that all women do not fit into a mold – some do, many don’t.

The message I got from Lean In was that we all have our own unique circumstances, gifts, life journeys and priorities.  And it will only help all of us to live out the life we are intended to live (the one God created us to live) if we each empower ourselves to do just that: live our own lives.  By living out the life we are to live, we can help others do the same.

As Sheryl points out, some of us have an easier time actually living the way we are called to, and others have no options, or very limited options.  Yet – if we all do whatever we can to lean into our lives, in the end, we will all be able to do so.

This is a message not just to working women, but to all men and women – that by erasing the    conscious and unconscious judgments, we each can fully be who God created us to be.

Gracious God – help us all feel empowered to use our voices.  Help us to live the life You intended and created us for.  Lord, help us to lean into wherever we are and whomever we are.  Amen.


Here is an opportunity to learn how to lean in to your life!
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