Sports Parenting Tips for Dads (and Moms)

hockeyWe have been through a ton of parenting books, well, we have a ton of parenting books.  I’ve read most of most of them.  Some I have passed on to my husband, others have recently been donated to the local library’s book sale.  (The messages may work for someone else!?!)

What I have noticed is that most of the books work well for mom, many purposefully geared towards women.  And after awhile, many tips are repeats of the last.

So when my husband forwarded me this article, I was so thrilled!

I love this easily accessible and applicable advice.  I love that my husband loves it too!

My husband is thrilled to get into the sports parenting world.  Me?  A bit terrified.

Except for hockey (I love the fast pace, amazing skills, and the ADULT aggression), I could do without sports entirely.  I never played sports – never.  So I just don’t know the life.  Fortunately we live in Minnesota where hockey is almost a graduation requirement.

Yet the ‘hockey mom’ title scares me a bit:  the long drives to games, hours in cold ice rinks (most indoors year round), tons of $ for equipment and ice time, and the horrid musty smell that fills the house once the equipment gets home after the game.

But, I can’t wait to feel like a ‘hockey mom” and feel up to the challenge with this wonderful advice!  I’m excited to pass it on!

Bonus?  These lessons are great for everyday parenting and life!

7 Things Every Sports Dad (Parent) Can Learn from Richard Verlander (from

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