The Art of Breathing – a program invitation

Trying to get away from distractions as I finished up handouts for a talk, I ventured out to one of the many local Caribou’s for coffee and impersonal distraction.

At some point I caught a snippet of conversation between two women.  All I made out was that they had their own ministries geared toward helping others, something I am very interested in!   And one of my volunteer responsibilities?   Finding speakers for MotherCare!

After a quick introduction and follow-up e-mails, they both agreed to come speak for us!  (Info on the 2nd coming in May.)

Relieve Stress: One Breath at a Time
April 26th, 9:30-11:30am
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Rm. 207
301 County Road 19, Excelsior, MN 55331
Hosted by MotherCare, childcare available
RSVP suggested.

Join us and Sheila Bauer for an hour of education and relaxation. Sheila will lead us through a simple concentrative meditation which will be followed by a light-hearted educational discussion about the science of Mind Body Medicine skills. Why do Mind Body Medicine skills work so well to relieve stress? What happens to our physical bodies when we breathe deeply? After the discussion, Sheila will lead the group through a guided imagery exercise that clearly demonstrates the mind body connection. Practicing Mind Body Medicine skills is the ultimate form of self-care that allows you to enter a relaxed state of self-awareness leading to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Sheila Bauer is an educator who specializes in teaching meditation and self-care for stress relief and improved health. She also considers herself a Warrior Woman of Endurance who has survived the torment of child abuse and its subsequent symptoms: Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Throughout the years with the support of various professionals Sheila found relief, however; it wasn’t until she began practicing mind-body skills that the lingering after effects of child abuse began to fade in a profoundly meaningful way. Sheila found contentment and happiness with meditation and wants to share this joy and her silly sensibility with others. One of her goals is to shatter the stereotype behind the word “meditation” teaching people that you don’t have to be a Buddhist Monk in order to reap the calming health benefits of breath work.

Sheila is the president and owner of Circle Mind Body Medicine. She holds a Master’s of Education degree from the University of Minnesota and has facilitated groups for many years in various educational and professional settings. She has trained with expert clinicians at The Center for Mind Body Medicine and has a unique ability for creating intimate small group experiences that are artfully engaging and profoundly healing. Sheila loves fiercely, dances joyfully, and laughs easily. Please join her for a meaningful adventure in a Mind Body Medicine.

Here is a wonderful video by Sheila!

Please note: I do not have personal experience with the Mind-Body Medicine program, but love to provide connections to others because “it” might just be what they are needing on their journey!  I do not claim any responsibility for anyone’s experience with Sheila or her programs as everyone is too unique to guarantee anything.  Please research her program before signing up!

In the Twin Cities Metro area?  Don’t miss:  Finding Purpose and Balance Spiritual Retreat on May 4th.

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