God Stole My Coupon

Well…perhaps God didn’t quite ‘steal’ my coupon.  My daughter could have taken it during one of her many times digging in my purse.  I could have just misplaced it, accidentally thrown it out, or just didn’t find it in the mess of receipts, notes, and stuff for the kids.

However it happened, God definitely had a hand it in.

Recently I was running out of the house and quickly checked my purse for a coupon to purchase a birthday gift for my son.

It wasn’t there, and already late and frustrated, I quickly got on the computer.

Opening my e-mail to find the coupon to reprint, the newest e-mail caught my eye.  It was from my church’s prayer chain.

Normally I wouldn’t have checked my e-mail then.  Without loosing that coupon my plans for the day wouldn’t have changed.

After reading the prayer request, I just knew I had to call up the woman in question and see if I could visit.

After a meeting and lunch date, I had originally planned to do “drop-in” visits as a Minister of Visitation, but instead ended up having an amazing afternoon speaking with this woman and her husband.

In the end, the timing was perfect.  Our conversation revealed that God had definitely had a hand in my lost coupon.

Now, I come from a long line of scientists and engineers.  I completely understand that seeing God’s Will in a fortunate circumstance would be a stretch for some, if not many.

Does God really intervene in our lives?  Does God preform miracles?

I believe God created the world.  I believe that God, in ways indescribable due to the limitations of human imagination and communications, imagined and brought into reality all that this amazing creation is – from the smallest cells to the largest stars.

I also believe that God continues to love and care for this creation.  God has not abandoned us, but rather, loves us and thinks we are “good” just as in the beginning!

So why can’t God, if God Wills, do something?  Why can’t God make just a small change, that has huge consequences?  Why can’t God use us, if we are open and ready to be used, to do God’s Will?

I can not venture into the realm of why God would intervene in one situation and not another (I am human, not God after all!), but I can tell you that if I had not been open to responding to the prayer request, I would not have met with that couple.

I had to be prepared and ready to respond to God’s intervention.  The woman who asked for the prayers had to be open to share her life and ask for prayer, then also allow me to visit.  And finally, there had to be a way to get that message from her to me – the church’s prayer chain.

Many of us had to be open to the possibility of God working in and through us for all of this to work.

Lord, help us be open and ready for Your miracles.  We many not all acknowledge that it was Your intervention in our lives, but we all had to be open to loving each other and have faith that You continue to love us.  Lord, help those who are on the edge of welcoming Your active role in their lives, have the courage to be open to Your Work through those around them.  Amen.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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