Spiritual Practice: Editing to Discover our Different Journeys

Imagine an opportunity where you are to share your spiritual journey.

Where does your mind go?

To confirmation?  Baptism?  The people who were their for you at difficult times?

How about the time you realized that Christ was really your Savior?  Or the time you decided to stop going to church.

Our spiritual autobiographies are long and complicated, no matter what our age.  If we really look at our relationship with God, and all those points that were significant, soon you will be writing pages and pages.

Yet, I encourage you to edit.

Do you see any particular themes?  Any distractions?  What are the valleys and hilltops?

We can get so distracted even on our own spiritual journeys.

We may start down roads we didn’t really need to go on, just because that bible study group was the popular thing, that book was making the rounds, or a sermon got us thinking about something that is important to him or her.

Our journeys are just that, ours.

God didn’t create a one size fits all path.  Just as God created us all unique, God is helping us along unique paths.

I encourage you to write, and edit, your spiritual journey.  You may be very surprised at what is revealed!

Gracious Lord, you work in all our lives in amazing ways.  You know better than we know ourselves, pointing our way to You.  But our path is not someone else’s.  Help us discover what works for us.  Helps us validate our own journey.  Help us understand that You do not give us all the same map, but the same Spirit.  Amen.


About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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