Prayers for Egypt

Mt. Sinai

View from Mt. Sinai

Today I have been blessed with the opportunity to talk about Egypt in the Bible.  The church where I work has a monthly breakfast for seniors, and today I get to share with them about my trip to Egypt as a seminary student.

The trip was unbelievable.  The only way it could have been better was if my husband could have also gone.  Returning with my husband and children is on my bucket list.

My presentation focuses on the instances when Egypt is mentioned in the Bible, including the stories of the Holy Family’s stay.

Yet, as a sidebar, I also include the amazing impression I received by the Christians in Egypt.  Our home base with the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo.  While the Coptic Christians are a minority, the protestants are even a smaller minority.  Their churches, even before the Arab Spring, struggled.

The pastors we met were amazing, and the joy they had in that Jesus was in their country! And that Mark had brought the Gospel to them so early on!  There faith is so deep and strong…and they are in the midst of chaos.

Today, please take a moment to pray for these Egyptian Christians and their congregations.  Pray for their relatives that are scattered around the world, perhaps hesitant to return or concerned being so far away.  Please pray for everyone in this world who faces persecution because of their faith.

Luxor Church

Interior of a church in Luxor

Loving God, we may have no idea what they are going through, but Lord, you know what they need.  Provide those who are threatened because they follow You with continued courage, hope and love.  We know you are already, as you are with them.  Lord, continue to help them open themselves to you, and help us – those who are safe and secure and can worship whenever and however we please – to do something about it, to be changed by their devotion to you.  Amen.

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