Making this Year Important! (despite the uncertainty)

The festivities are over, and our family room is paved with legos and princesses.  The excitement at our house has been at an all time high for a few weeks.  Not only were the kids excited about Santa Claus, but also both sets of grandparents visited (St. Nick really didn’t need to come at all).

As the kids crash with exhaustion, I am relishing getting back to our normal schedule.  I love the holidays, especially as I am at that time in life where everything is about the kids…and baby Jesus.  But for some reason, I feel as if this year is going to be very important.

“Important” with uncertainty all around us?  Our government can’t do their job and we – the regular people – are daily facing difficult choices, if we have choices at all.  None of us know what is going to happen this year.  We can plan all we want, but in realty, we can never be ready for everything.

Yet, I still think this is going to be an important year.  Each of us, as individuals, have a wonderful opportunity to learn from what is going on in society and the world.  Do we like what we see?  Do we like what is happening?  Do we like what it is doing to us?

I feel as if our culture has gotten very lost.  Society has stepped away from what God wants for us, and set-up false idols – success, expectations, and the ability to determine our own fates.  We have even put our country up as an idol, believing it is the “best country in the world.”  (More on this in a later post…)

Life in its very essence is uncertain.  Yet in this chaos, we can be assured that God is the only certainty there is.  God’s Love is steadfast.  So in the midst of everything, let us stake our lives on what is True and Awesome!

This is an important year because in the midst of uncertainty, we have the opportunity to evaluate our lives and discern how we can get back on track.  How can we, in small to large ways, fully rely on God instead of ourselves?  How can we follow God’s Truth instead of our misconceptions built on limited knowledge?

Nothing can truly get in the way of a closer relationship with God, except ourselves.  So join me in making this year, if not the rest of your life, an opportunity to focus on turning to God.  As individuals, moving towards God can only help restore Creation to what God intended.  Make this an important year, as with every day, with every prayer, with every breath, you can welcome God deeper into your heart.

God, help me every day to move towards, instead of away, from You.  I set up idols everywhere, not even knowing it.  Help me to deeply and unapologetically move towards you and away from all that distracts.  Restore my sight so that I can see You and not a reflection of what I think life should be.  Amen. 

Please see Jasna Burza’s post for tips on how to get started changing your life!

(Please note a version of this is in the January Sr. Newsletter at Faith Church in Minnetonka.)

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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  1. I love your simple prayer. I too feel like turning to God is our best bet in times of uncertainty. Thank you for your post.

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