Service of Light, An Invitation to Acknowledge our Grief and Sorrow

We set-up our live Christmas tree, filled with kid-friendly ornaments.  A few delicate items hang safely near the top.  The majority of breakable ones continue to wait in storage for a few more years.  The nativity sets are on display, but somehow the figures trade places when I’m not in the room.  The Elf on the Shelf who flies to see Santa each night, generally gets moved from place to place.  And we are planning to make sugar cookies to leave out for Santa, with a dish of feed corn for the reindeer.

These are a few of our traditions, yet the real permanency of any of these ideas is rather remote.  Today the Elf gets a good vantage point, but in a few decades he may find a new home with our grandchildren.  Our live tree may be replaced with a smaller, pre-lighted one which does not require crawling on the floor to water.  Then, one day, we may not be able to get to Christmas Eve services anymore, or be able to exchange presents Christmas morning.

Traditions mark and bring to life the significance of relationships or an event, yet leaving them behind can be difficult.  This season of celebrating Christ’s birth is a time of joy and celebration, but also one of and sorrow and quiet moments.  While our culture tells us to put on that smile and be happy, God knows that life is much more complicated than that.

On Thursday, Dec. 20th at 7pm, the Stephen Ministers of Faith Church (12007 Excelsior Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55343) I invite you and everyone you know to a Service of Light in the Midst of the Darkest Nights.  We will be lifting up and praying for those things that bring us grief and sorrow, but also finding hope and light in Christ’s presence during a meditative service.  If you are unable to attend, please pray with us at that time.

May you know the hope and loving presence of Jesus Christ as we celebrate his birth in the midst of your life.

Blessings,   Stephanie Friant, Minister of Adult Visitation

Service of Light in the Midst of the Darkest Nights
Thursday, Dec. 20th, 2012,  7:00pm
Faith Church
12007 Excelsior Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55343

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