Letters to My Children: Honor Who You Are

C dancing with M "guarding"What can we give our children that really matters?  This month, through letters to my children, I am exploring those things that I hope and pray that they will receive – either today, tomorrow or 30 years from now.  Once they can read, I will share these with them.  Personally, It is my hope, that through the process of writing these letters will help me be a better parent and human being.

To my son (M) and daughter (C),

Really, not sure how to begin.  You are both so amazing.  You are unique and blessed and creative and fun and frustrating and, you are somehow ours.

Somehow God saw fit that you two were to grow inside my body and enter this world being received into the arms of your father and myself.

And now, here we are.  A family.  Still, a young family, but a family.

At four and two, you are constantly exploring, pushing boundaries, investigating, crying, laughing, enjoying life, and fighting against it.  You are two totally different people – a girly girl and a boy’s boy.  M, you are a challenge, but a wonderful challenge because you know your mind, you are always thinking and planning and building, you are so analytical that you are already challenging the status quo!  C, you are persistent, caring, joyful, and fully a pink princess who brings joy to all those you meet.  In both of you, I see so much love for others and a real joy of life that you are truly God’s gift to the world, but specifically, to me.

You both challenge me to look at the world differently, as seeing the world through your eyes is truly amazing.

I can not say it enough.  You are perfect in who God made you!  When God created the world, God blessed it and said it was good.  I fully believe God continues to create – and in you God has created, and blessed, and said it was good, and smiled!!!!  God continues to smile even when you through a temper tantrum or keep your mommy up all night!

I have no idea how God decided that your Dad and I would be your parents!  That God decided that somehow, we could be the stewards of such amazing creations!  How could God trust anyone with you!  To hand over His/Her loving creation, to hand over such fragile and unique individuals to anyone!  God is so amazing and loving and gracious and hopeful and, well, completely insane/amazing to give any of us this kind of opportunity to love!  God loves you much more than I do, as I could never hand you over to anyone else!  Not that I think I can parent better than anyone else, but I just love you too much!

God is truly amazing!

I pray that you realize what a gift from God it is that you are, who you are.  You are perfect in who you are – challenges, limits, blessings, gifts, opportunities and all.  God loves you and we love you.  I pray that you can honor who you are, that you can embrace God’s unique and purposeful creation in and of you.

M and C, you are perfect and God is smiling!

In Eternal Love and Amazement,
Your Mother

(Please note:  My theology is more nuanced than God actually picking who will be parents of who.  However, in essence, I do believe that God has an active role in all creation based on the wider concepts of God’s Time, God’s Plan, God continuing to create within the finite framework of God’s original creation, and individual human “free” choice.  Also, I am not a young earth creationist, but rather an individual who fully believes that God created, but within the finite framework that has only been slightly unraveled by our finite scientific means.)

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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