God’s Authority

I love learning how God works in other individuals’ lives (good thing as I spend hours each week doing that same thing!).

This morning in our adult class on Jeremiah, we talked about how hard it must have been for the young prophet in many different ways, including that he did not have the benefit of reading his own story within the Bible, and especially, with knowing the Incarnate Christ.

I’m not sure how he did it.  But, he did as God makes all possible.

In my own life, God directs my steps – who to marry, when to have kids, how to raise them, and I must admit – I sin in not letting God direct my spending of money at all times.  (I picked up a “comfort” cup of Caribou on the way to Chapel View to lead worship this afternoon instead of using the money to feed others.)

In my work, I rely on God to help me discern who to visit when, and especially  what to pray about at the end of our visit.  I can feel the difference when I am relying on myself and when I am fully open to the Holy Spirit.

As with F-1.01 of the Foundations of Presbyterian Polity, “Human beings have no higher goal in life than to glorify and enjoy God now and forever, living in covenant fellowship with God and participating in God’s mission.”  Mission meaning, “the transformation of creation and humanity by proclaiming to all people the good news of God’s love, offering all people the grace of God at font and table, and calling all people to discipleship in Christ.”   And with F-1.0202, “Christ alone rules, calls, teaches, and uses the Church as he wills.”

God is my ultimate – directing my path – as I submit to Christ.

God, thank you for sending us Your Son!  I dare not think where we would be without Him!

We may use one term or another, but as long as I know I am doing what I can to follow Christ, to do whatever God calls me to do, I know I am God’s servant.  I am not perfect in following Christ.  I’m going to buy that cup of coffee again, and another box of Legos for my son.    That immediate comfort and joy is only temporary.  I feel the sin sink deep into my bones as I look around my house and know I am blessed beyond anything I deserve or can ever work to deserve.

God is merciful.  God is glorious.  God is gracious.  God knows more about myself – my past, present and future – than I will ever imagine.

I admit to have a difficulty with words.  In Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek, English, Spanish or German, all the expressions and definitions and metaphors cannot compare to the fullness of God acting in my life.

I feel blessed with every breath God allows me to breathe.  I am thankful for every blessing and comfort and joy and tear that God provides me.

And in that, I can only kneel in praise as I have no words to adequately and accurately relate the complexity of God’s relationship with me.  Perhaps that is why I will never run out of things to say about God!

Gracious Lord, you created us from nothing.  Help us open our hearts and minds to you so that Your Word may direct our every step.  Transform us into to who you created us to be, not who we think is best or find convenient for the moment.  Lord, thank you.  Amen.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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6 Responses to God’s Authority

  1. A very nice personal journal which reflects Christ in your life. I liked the way you have put it, especially starting your reflections with prophet Jeremiah. Life of Jeremiah had and is still inspiring and challenging me to follow the path of Christ. Have a nice day.

  2. billycripe says:

    An amazingly touching and beautiful post my sister!

  3. gracetracer says:

    Your second post reminds me of a story. It is accurate as best as I remember it, although some of the details may have shifted over the years.
    Bob, a relatively new Christian, and a professor of philosophy, was being interviewed for a job teaching at a Christian college. He was meeting with a group of faculty and they were peppering him with questions. One future colleague asked him about his view of the scriptures, whether he believed in the infallibility of the Bible, the inerrancy of the Bible, etc. Bob was vague in his answers because, frankly, he was unfamiliar with the litmus tests which these terms have symbolized for some decades among many conservative Christian groups.Two of the faculty members were clearly concerned at his vague answers and dug deeper. One finally asked something akin to, “So how would you characterize your attitude toward the Bible?”
    Bob responded, “Well, God has used it to change my life.”
    My experience has taught me that daily reliance on the Word of God in scripture to work its way into my heart and so change my life trumps high-sounding declarations of fidelity every time.

    • SFriant says:

      Trace! Love you. As with Marilyn too, I wonder more about if the Word is written on someone’s heart more than what terms they may use. Many folks in the pews and on the couches just want preachers to preach in language they can understand…sometimes technical terms can easily be misleading.

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