In the Midst of Chaos God Opens Eyes

“Then God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water.”  (Genesis 21:19 NIV)

Chaos seems to be a theme word for me lately.  The attacks at the embassies and continuing economic uncertainty all over the news.  The ongoing craziness of the elections and the EPA continuously raising living costs without anyone noticing.  A literal mess of a house, and no time to address it as I am running from one faith growing moment to the next.  In-laws visiting this weekend, a writing group coming to my house, a worship service to prepare for, and the spirituality retreat.

In the midst of chaos – God blesses.

In the midst of chaos – God opens my eyes to see the well of water.

In the midst of chaos – God is always here.

In the midst of chaos – God is laughing as the kids dump out another box full of toys moments after I told them not to.

In the midst of chaos – joys disguised, joys I can not see without God opening my eyes.

Laughing God, thank you for opening my eyes as the world seems so out of control.  I look at the details, the moments, the “right nows.”  It is only through You, through Your Love, that I can see Your Work, Your Word, Your Saving Grace.  Amen.


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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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