Staying in Touch With Ourselves

A few weeks ago the kids and I flew to their grandparents’ near Chicago for a few days.  We flew, as I just couldn’t see myself living through a day’s drive there and back, when it seemed like we had only just finished a two-days drive coming home from the Michigan cottage.

The flying worked well.  My son talking and moving continuously, and my daughter getting lost in her observations of everything going on around us.  The big brother helped his little sister get through security and both made sure we didn’t lose anything in the process.  We ran around chairs in empty waiting areas.  We did our best not to disturb others, but as with little kids, that was not always possible.

The few days on the farm were hectic and fun.  They were spoiled.  They were dirty.  They were exhausted.

Not long after my son took his seat on our return flight, he told me he was tired.  My daughter soon after maneuvered her blanket to make her seat more comfortable.  Even before we were off the ground, they were asleep.

What it would be like to be their age again!  To be in-tune with our bodies!  Knowing when we were tired and when we were ready to play!  And, they know how to express it!  It is us adults who often don’t listen to their warnings, watch for the signs, or find their needs convenient.

Same with our own selves.  We may be exhausted, but still pull a late night on a project because we have to.  We may be ready to dance and sing, but it wouldn’t be the right time or place.  We may feel our spirit hunger for something, but deny it as it doesn’t fit into our current situation.

Even today I struggle with following where my spirit, directed by the Spirit, is wanting to go.  I come up with plenty of excuses: no time, too much money, already committed to something else, others need me somewhere else or doing something else, and yes, still, the “what would others think?”

With prayer.  With patience.  With our eye and heart on God, we find ourselves staying in touch with our own spirits.  By being open to those stirrings, we can discern where God is calling us.

Perhaps we need the sleep.  Perhaps we need to dance.  Perhaps we need to take that class on neuroscience and spirituality.

Perhaps, we just need to pray.

Gracious God, open our ears and eyes so that we may recognize You stirring in our spirits.  Help us get over the ifs, buts, shoulds, coulds, musts, and woulds, to follow You.  Amen.



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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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