Migraines and Other Stop Signs from God

This weekend I had a migraine.  Lasted almost 24 hours.  I haven’t had one in months, so was not prepared.

Weeks after Hurricane Katrina and our move north, I had a migraine that literally lasted over two months.  I knew I was stressed, but I didn’t listen to my head.  Now, I know that migraine is my body yelling at me to pay attention, that something is wrong, that something in my life is really getting to me.  I take as immediate action as I am able – as long as I can escape a dark, quiet room or throwing-up.  Even then, the dark room or moments of emptying always call for prayer.

Our minds, bodies and spirits are interwoven.  God created them to be.  God created us as part physical and part spirit, with the two connected in ways we may never fully understand.

A migraine is my stop-sign from God.  It is God taking ahold of me and telling me to get something straight, to deal with something, to seek out my Heavenly Parent for help.

A migraine is my prophet calling out to the Israelites that something in my soul is not right with God.  I am sinning in that I am not honoring myself as a daughter of God.

A migraine forces me to stop – or at least takes 90% of my focus away from doing diapers.

What is your stop sign?  How does God get your attention?  If you don’t know…perhaps this post is your yield sign to help you figure it out.

God of stop signs, help us recognize the ways you communicate with us, how you use your creation to help us grow our relationship with you and honor your creation.  Amen.




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  1. Cheryl Mahin says:

    I have about 12 migraines a month. I too have learned that it is my body telling my LOUDLY what it has tried to tell me little by little before.

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