Moments of Grace

What is saving your life right now?  (A synchroblog at

Sometimes life gets, well, really insane.  Life gets turned upside down, questioning everything.

In those moments, the valley is so deep that the sun barely reaches, yet Grace is unfazed.

Grace seeps in through the memory of words, faces, gestures.

Grace is the encouraging words of a Grandmother, supporting the toddler’s mother as he is emotionally and physically torn between staying with her or going to Sunday school.

Grace is the therapist/spiritual director, who assures that one has found her center, her personal strength.

Grace is the child’s new voice, saying “I need my mommy!”

Grace is the moment, that God orchastrates where two accquantences become friends through a hidden common experience.

Grace is the neighbor, who offers and extends help when one is in need.

Grace is the woman, when sharing your story smiles in encouragement and understanding.

Grace is the tear, when ones words of prayers bring deep comfort and understanding, voicing what one cannot voice themselves.

The moments, remembered, seeping into the cracks in the darkness, the confusion, the doubt, the shame.

Grace.  Saving my life, right now.


About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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3 Responses to Moments of Grace

  1. Wow. I am SO glad I found you.

  2. SFriant says:

    Thank you Elizabeth and Sarah! Very encouraging!

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