Prayer – Broken Families

I have been blessed with the calling from God to be someone who others can open up to (how this happened, will never know).  There are so many broken families – here is one prayer for them.

Broken Families

God, I get that you love me,
I get that I should love others,
But I don’t get this.

You brought us together as a family,
to care, and love, and protect.
Yet caring is a flimsy requirement.
Loving only empty words.
Protecting, not in the picture.
It is a struggle, a battle.
It’s unyielding and painful.
We can diagnose and blame.
We can point fingers and “if only.”

Perhaps it can be different.
Perhaps it will never change.

I ask you to help.
If not to fix today,
then to help me understand.
Help me to deal, and accept.

But even with all the accepting in the world,
I still ask why.
Please mourn with me the loss,
the loss of the family of my dreams,
the loss of the family you want for me,
the family that is not mine.

And help me remember my eternal family,
that you love me, as your beloved child,
Your bundle of joy.

God, stay with me awhile.
Fold me into your arms and sing me to sleep with your peace.  Amen.

About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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