Saints Among Us

I’ll admit I know little about the official Christian Saints.  From study and friends, I have learned bits and pieces, but I only understood it as a theological and spiritual concept.  But, now I get it.

I have met and currently know some amazing, spiritual individuals.  People who have gone through struggles, spiritual discernment, and have really “worked at” being a follower of Christ.  They have found a type of peace in their life that permeates through everything, even when their lives get really complicated.

Then I met an earthly Saint.  Someone who is so in-tune with who they are and so obedient to God, that tangible love flows directly from them.  Their body and soul is a spiritual conduit between heaven and earth.  This particular woman had told me that she understands little of the Bible, yet she understood it more than anyone else I know.  She breathed God’s Word.   I can not begin to understand what it was like to live her life as her struggles are so foreign to mine.  Yet, just knowing her, even as briefly as I did, I felt God’s love.  She was a powerful living gospel.

This woman was reborn into God’s arms this past week.  While I do not understand the doctrinal concepts of Saints, I do now feel that she is with God, working on our behalf.  I feel that her amazing spirit has now been magnified even more through God’s love, that she has found peace and has been rewarded by being reunited with her loved ones, and that she is not far away from us.

Is this what knowing a Saint is like?  If it is, I pray that God will allow me to know many more – and recognize those already in my life.

God, thank you for Millie and all those who give their life up to you so much, that your love just radiates through them and into all of our lives.  Lord, help me to be even a fraction as obedient as they are.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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