Mother’s Day

Yesterday was sweet.  My son gave me a gift he had made at his preschool, we had a wonderful morning at church, brunch at the Chanhassen Legion (they love our kids – and a grandpa was a Legion member), a rare long nap, trip to the park, then ice cream at Lick’s in Excelsior.  Overall, a great day!

Yet, it was also bittersweet.  A neighbor was spending another day without her little one in her arms.  Church folks without their “big” son.  A few families I know without their mothers.  And two families, knowing that this was probably the last Mother’s Day with theirs.

Our time together is a gift.  A gift that in this world is fleeting, but through God is eternal.  Today can be excruciating without our loved ones in our arms.  The promise may at best only dull the pain, but the promise is real.  I’ve seen the promise in the eyes of parents as I blessed their tiny children come too soon.  I’ve seen the promise in the eyes of adults as they release their parents to Heaven.  And I see that promise in the eyes of my children as they get mad, laugh, and smile.

May you feel God’s blessings in your relationships, even when it is hard or distant, or no longer “hugable”.

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I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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