Reaching for God

Last Friday I mentioned looking forward to our MotherCare speakerNadine Penny had some very interesting insights.  I was astonished at how many parallels between her spirituality and within various Christian traditions.  Her knowledge has provided me with great fodder for many hours of contemplating spirituality and theology.  In addition, a number of her insights/beliefs align with scientific discoveries of the last 20 or so years.

Here are a few parallels with Christianity:

  • God is the Creator and Ultimate.
  • Lighting candles in the memory of someone makes a connection with them.
  • Prayer/meditation opens ourselves to God.  (See post about William Eyika.)
  • Our Free Will to choose the good or bad/God or Evil is what directs us towards Hell or Heaven (some discrepancy here, depending on the particular Christian tradition).
  • We are souls at one with our bodies, but they are also distinct.
  • Angels are real.
  • We can pray to deceased individuals (including Saints) for assistance (Orthodox/Catholic traditions).

God, thank you for providing many ways to learn more about You and strenghten our spirits.  Help us remain open to even unlikely avenues of learning and insight.  Amen.

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