What is in a name?

From the very beginning, God named creation (Gen 1:5).  God understands the importance of a name – providing creation with honor and individuality.  Each has its own roll and its very existence is an individual gift.

Then God gave humans the authority to help name creation, becoming co-creators of a sort (Gen 2:19).  This authority was given to help magnify the glory of the Creator.  Through this, we are able to gain the smallest of understandings of what God knows of creating, loving and having authority over all of creation.

What of naming people?  When a child is born, ideally he or she is provided with a name out of love.  The child then goes on to hear his/her name spoken with smiles, laughter and adoration.  At times the name will also be called out of correction or fear, but only from a deeper place of love so that the individual is not hurt.  He or she then masters how to say their own name, claiming it as their own – a name that was given out of love and brought to life out of love.

Yet, this does not always happen.  Or perhaps it does at the beginning, but overtime the name becomes warped by anger, fear, hatred, ignorance, or neglect.  The name that was to be a gift to glorify the Lord, is instead a banner of shame.

God has a name for each of us.  We may or may not know it now.  God, who created us, was there when we were born, accompanied us through our lives, and is here with us now – with you now – has a name for you.  You are a beloved creation of God, may you always rejoice in that you have a beautiful and wondrous name as you are a beautiful and wondrous individual!

God, thank you for creating me.  Thank you for loving me so much that you have given me the gift of existence.  Please open my heart and eyes so that I may help those who struggle with their names – that I may help see your glory.  Amen.

About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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