The Supernatural

I grew up in an educated, Christian community where education (science, etc.) was an assumption.  I also was raised as a member of the “frozen chosen” – white mid-West protestants that saying Amen at the end of the Lord’s Prayer was as exciting as a response you were going to get.

Yet even among these folks, the supernatural takes hold.  It is amazing how many stories I hear and stories I have to share about the Holy Spirit working in our midst.  (An unknown old women transforming into an angel, sharing information she should know and radiating God’s Presence, to reassure a nervous bride.  A woman realizing she is about to drive right into an accident occurring in the middle of an intersection, then not even a moment later realizing she is on the other side of it, unharmed.  A patient being told that hospice is a viable option, only to learn from the next scan that the tumor is completely gone.)

I am participating in a class on the Holy Spirit at Faith Church.  In our small group last Sunday a Wise Man acknowledged the unspoken: that the supernatural exists, that God can make anything happen.  Visions, powers, healings, miracles, angels – whatever and however they come, they do happen.  As a person who relies a lot on science and proof, it took only one vision to fully embrace the Holy Spirit acting in supernatural ways in our world.  It doesn’t just happen in the Bible.  It doesn’t just happen to those people a long time ago who don’t know what we know.

Why does the Spirit decide to act at certain times and not others? Only God knows.  Why does the Spirit reveal herself to some and not others, and some all the time?  Only God knows.  How can we experience the Spirit in a supernatural way?  From what I know, we can’t do anything to ask for it, prepare for it, or be open to it – God is in charge.  How does it happen?  Well, I’m not an expert and I will go with, God only knows.  However, as God created everything, God can work within creation to accomplish anything.   I personally subscribe to the understanding that no matter how everything in existence was created (even other dimensions), there are scientific principles at work (many we do not yet understand or know about), so who can say God can’t make something out of nothing, something into nothing, or transform something to something else?  I’m not a scientist, but with the little knowledge I do know – God as Creator is the greatest scientist there every was and ever could be.

That said, if you have had an experience you can’t explain, let it sit with you.  Pray about it.  Think about it, talk to trusted people about it.  It did happen.  You are not crazy.  You may have known right away why it happened or what it meant.  You may never know the reason or the full meaning, but there is a reason why it happened to you.  Take the experience honestly and openly, letting God reveal to you what you are to know.

God is amazing!

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