How do you see the world???

I have to admit I am rather, well, “stuck in my head”.  Through Clinical Pastoral Education, therapy, marriage, parenting and life in general, I’ve been able to move from my head to my heart in the way I live my life.  However, as Strength Finders only confirmed (my top 5: Learner, Connectedness, Input, Context, Intellection), I love to learn, process information, and share it in a comprehensible an impactful way.  (Duh?)

By “stuck in my head”, I have a tendency to binge on information.  (I love genealogy – knowing not only who I am descended from, but details about their lives, seeing where they actually lived, etc…)  Now, I don’t go to the extremes.  My attention waivers before I would be able to lock myself in a room and work on a topic for an entire weekend.  In school, my enthusiasm usually waned before I could get to actually writing about the subject.  Yet, I continue to thrive on “sucking in” information, letting it processes overtime, and then delighting in the results, only to do it all over again!

So, I might be a bit different than you.  We are all a lot different from each other, but also a lot the same.  We go about life taking in information in different ways, we gravitate towards different things, we process it differently, and, finally, we share it in different ways.  This is all part of God’s creation!  There are those among us that take in the world and share through art, music, and theater.  Others take in the world through the sciences, while others through physical sports and adventures.  The challenge is for us to know how we take in the world around us, how we think, and how we share.  By knowing our unique gifts, we can unlock our callings, become more fully who we are, and make positive impacts on the world.

Before doing the Enneagram (and later StrengthFinders), I thought I was somehow deficient.  Trivia is impossible for me, recalling dates always a challenge, and memorization temporary at best.  I had a hard time with things other people said were easy, sometimes even implying I was flawed because I just couldn’t do it the way “everyone else could.”  Yet, I pushed on until I had a better understanding (and I keep learning) and now am able to take ownership and value of the way I relate with the world.  If we all think and see the world the same way, we would be missing out on so much!

As a mother, I am blessed with this everyday.  My children see the world in different ways – and different from their Dad and I.  To see our daily activities and the things around us from not only a child’s perspective, but their particular perspectives, is amazing!  Sometimes I have to force myself to watch and listen for how they do things differently, but by asking questions and taking the extra time, I am blessed!  I try to do this with others too, and through that the world is opened up even more for me – both its beauty and mystery.

Your challenge:  Take the time to be mindful of how you take in the world, process it, and share it with others, and do the same with those around you.  Your live can only be enriched and blessed by it!

About SFriant

I live to walk with others on their journeys - because everyone needs to know that they are loved, that they matter, and that they are doing amazing things. I'm a lot like our two kids: obsessed with learning, and constantly creating.
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