Prayer – Wisdom

Inspired by my spiritual writing group’s assignment to write something about Ecclesiastes 7:1-13.

I didn’t understand why.
I couldn’t figure out the reasons.
Over and over again,
life took unhappy turns.
Struggles would become oppressive,
Challenges a nightmare,
With no end in sight,
an issue became unending drama.

Then, in one way or another,
the situation would end.
The inflicted wounds became scars,
the scares, bruises,
the bruises faint pain,
and the pain a memory.

I think over those times,
with regret, and hurt, and anger.
I wonder why
and how
and where you were.

But, you were there.
At the beginning, middle and end.
In the sorrow and joy.
In the tears and laughter.

And from my lack of understanding,
from my empty searching,
from the wounds, and bruises,
came wisdom.
A long time coming.
But it came.
And I am thankful.

About SFriant

A mom and wife trying to live deliberately and spiritually in a crazy world.
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