Why Sushi Matters to our Marriage

My first ever experience with sushi was at a party hosted by one of the staff during my internship.  The seaweed seemed to get caught in my throat, and the feeling did not disappear for a week.  While I have tried many things, I would not try sushi again.

 Well, not until over 15 years later and into our 10th year of marriage.  My husband, knowing my disdain, would get it on work trips, on the very occasional evening when the kids and I weren’t around, would get it for dinner.

Mostly out of pity and partly of not caring where we went to eat, I agreed to go to a local sushi bar on one of our rare nights out without kids.

It was wonderful to see how much he enjoyed it.  Now, this man is our primary cook at home as he has definite tastes, including meat, and my meal preferences don’t always mesh with his.  So to see him enjoy his food and not have to cook, was great.

I tried a few things that he geared me towards, knowing what I would probably like.  It worked, slowly.

After a few more years, I actually had a yearning for sushi!  Having no real food in the house and being alone for lunch (a rarity), I headed out to our local gourmet grocery store and grabbed a few selections I could identify.  After eagerly eating my meal, I was excited to share with him this big step.

It wasn’t a fast change, but through patience and understanding, my husband helped me actually enjoy another aspect of this amazing life.  One of many things I have come to enjoy from knowing him and sharing my life with him.

When two people are in it for the long-haul with an open heart and mind, we can help each other for the better.

What has your spouse brought into your life that you first refused, but now enjoy?  Have you thanked him or her?

Gracious God, thanking you for bringing others into our lives so that we may find happiness in unexpected places.  Help us to have patience, humor and courage as we move forward, knowing that we are always changing and changing others.  Amen.


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I Can’t Wait Until Tuesday! School Starts!!!

Driving Behind a School BusThree more days.  THREE MORE DAYS!!!!  And the bus arrives to pick up our son for the first day of 1st grade.  Then just over a week and our daughter returns to preschool.

Yes, I’m excited.  Already planning happy hour with friends and dreaming of everything I can get done without interruptions.

The last week has been chaos.  Last February when I was signing the kids up for summer camps around our annual summer pilgrimages, I had left the last week of the summer empty.  Partially, because there wasn’t any camps that fit, but mostly thinking it would be a fun week to just relax!  Neither had been book solid over the summer, but enough to keep them occupied and give me a break.

I love my kids.  They are in every breath I breathe and ever beat of my heart.  Everything I do is centered on them…what they need now and in the future.  I’ve let our house be overrun by their imagination.  As parents, my husband and I have limit the hours I can work so we can live a manageable life in the midst of his travel schedule.  We do the best we can.

But, this last week is making me think year-round school would be awesome!!!!

The kids are going nuts, one anxious about school starting wants to do what he wants to do, and the other recently finding new cognitive powers, has her need for self-determination going into hyper-drive.  Their extroverted needs are completely overwhelming this introvert.  Perhaps if I was an extrovert too, it would be easier.  And somehow, I know I’m fueling this craziness.  But life happens.  I’ve found my moments of respite, but after two nights of the kids sandwiching me in bed (hubby is gone on a trip) as I value the fleeting time left with them (and I am too exhausted at bed time to force them into their own beds), I’m tired.

So school is starting and I will be giddy with delight when our son steps onto the bus and it pulls away.

But, it is not just that I am tired.  All parents get tired.  I am also blessed that I am not doing this alone, but rather with a husband, friends, and occasional major help from out-of-state grandparents.

Our son has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).  It isn’t that severe, but it definitely gets in the way of “normal living”.  This summer has been a lesson for me.  He really needs a regular schedule.  And he needs more than his Dad and I.  So on Tuesday, I am not only giddy about getting a little personal space, but also that our son will be getting the help he needs.  We will be back on a regular Occupational Therapy schedule, which will work wonders.  Also, he is going to get tons of assistance and LOVE at school.  We are blessed to be part of a district and a specific educational program that is extremely caring, observant and creative.  They are sent from God into our lives.  At the open house last night, we connected quickly with those who will be working with him this year through his IEP.  The school psychologist even sought him out to talk to him, and the new Phys Ed Teacher was very interested in finding out more about him.  When I send him off on the bus on Tuesday, it is to somewhere, not just from somewhere.  We are all given gifts from God, and in our son’s life, my gift is to love him unconditionally and be his safe place and the school’s – our school’s – is to support his social and educational development.  He needs both.

So, Tuesday as I enjoy a toast to the end of summer, I will be also toasting to the teachers and other support staff that they are part of our lives.

God, watch over all the children, families and educators as school begins again.  As with a new day, this is a new year.  Help the students and staff find authentic support and safety in their schools, so that in important ways your Will is furthered for each of us.  Amen.

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